Jupiter in Pisces 2022, Grab that lucky rabbits foot

jupiter in pisces Is Jupiter in Pisces your lucky rabbit’s foot?

As an imaginative, sensitive sign, Pisces is prone to flights of fancy and otherworldly aspirations. The planet Jupiter, which rules philosophy and higher education, fits right in here. When Jupiter is located there, typically every 12 years or so, it has a positive effect on your life. With its emphasis on ethics, morality, and justice, Pisces is the perfect home for a planet like Jupiter—which represents the principles of good faith and integrity —to reside in. Let’s take a look at transiting Jupiter through Pisces.

jupiter in pisces
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An increased capacity for empathy and compassion.

Jupiter in Pisces is a compassionate sign that encourages acts of kindness and generosity, and this is a wonderful quality to have. But Jupiter in Pisces can also be overly compassionate to a fault. This is someone who might be too generous for their own good, who might overshare and disclose too much, or place an inappropriate amount of trust in strangers. Jupiter in Pisces is highly empathetic and compassionate, but in its extreme form, it can also be gullible. Hardcore Jupiter in Pisces individuals also crave attention and give too much of themselves to others. In its extreme form, they are the ones you’ll find at the end of the aisle at the soup kitchen, volunteering their time and energy, and then posting about it on social media.

An increase in humanitarian efforts and awareness of social inequalities.

Jupiter in Pisces is very socially conscious. In fact, the call to action may be greater than ever. Our humanitarian efforts and our awareness of social inequalities will increase. Those born with Jupiter in Pisces will feel an even stronger desire to fight for social justice and against discrimination. There may also be a greater focus on helping the disadvantaged and those who live in poverty. Jupiter in Pisces is an idealist and a big-picture thinker, so this person is more likely to focus on big issues, such as climate change and the refugee crisis, rather than small-scale issues like littering or recycling. Jupiter in Pisces is a sign that works best when it’s teaming up with other people and joining forces. Now more than ever, this person may be drawn to activism and be more likely to join groups and organizations that are related to these issues.

A desire to learn and increase your understanding of spirituality.

Jupiter in Pisces wants to expand your knowledge base—particularly in regard to spirituality and the occult. This is a person who craves knowledge, who enjoys learning about the world (and the universe) around them, and who is drawn to information that is either weird or wonderfully weird. Jupiter in Pisces has a deep-rooted desire to understand spirituality and the universe. If there’s a particular belief system or spiritual path that this person is drawn to, this is the time to act on it. For example, if you want to become a Buddhist or a Wiccan, this is the ideal time for you to begin your studies. Jupiter in Pisces is a very curious and open-minded individual. When this planet is in this sign, you are likely to have a sincere interest in various religious practices and beliefs.

A focus on core values, particularly family.

Jupiter in Pisces is a very family-oriented sign, and when this planet is in this sign, your focus on family values will increase. You will place a greater emphasis on the importance of family, and you will want to create a warm and loving environment for your nearest and dearest. You’re likely to invite more family members over for holidays or special occasions, and you may also feel the desire to create a strong, lasting family unit. A desire to create a strong and loving family unit may also inspire you to create a family of your own. If you are single, this is an excellent time to seek out love and begin the process of meeting prospective partners. Jupiter in Pisces is an idealistic sign that places a great deal of importance on being true to yourself and your core values. When this planet is in Pisces, you are likely to have an extremely strong need to feel authentic and genuine in your relationships. You may have the urge to seek out like-minded people who share your core values.

jupiter in pisces

An abundance of good luck happens through serendipity and chance encounters.

Jupiter in Pisces is a lucky sign, and when this planet is in Pisces, you may experience an abundance of good luck that comes about through serendipity and chance encounters. This is a wonderful aspect of Jupiter in Pisces, but like most Pisces traits, it can also be taken to an extreme. Jupiter in Pisces loves to gamble, loves to take risks, and loves good fortune—especially when it comes out of the blue. You may find that you’re particularly lucky when it comes to financial matters, and you may also find that you encounter lots of lucky breaks (from meeting helpful strangers to receiving freebie samples at the grocery store). Jupiter in Pisces is a fun sign. It loves to have fun, loves to laugh, and loves to experience joy and pleasure. When this planet is in Pisces, you may feel like every day is your birthday. You may also feel like you have more good fortune than you know what to do with.

jupiter in pisces

But there’s a caveat… (There’s always a caveat!)

Jupiter in Pisces, like all Jupiter placements, can be a bit overly enthusiastic and suggestible. This is the sign that believes everything it reads and sees in the media and that is easily swayed by other people’s opinions. When Jupiter is in this sign, you are likely to be overly idealistic, to have an overly rosy view of the world, and to have trouble discerning what is true and what is false. Jupiter in Pisces loves to dream, loves to fantasize, and loves to live in a world of endless possibilities. But this is also a sign that may have unrealistic expectations and may be too easily duped and misled by false promises and half-truths. Jupiter in Pisces is an idealistic sign that is easily swept up in someone else’s enthusiasm. This is a person who is easily influenced by peer pressure and who may be more prone to making poor choices.

Bottom line: Is Jupiter in Pisces good or bad?

All signs of the zodiac have both positive and negative qualities. There are no inherently good or bad signs; it all depends on how the planets affect you in your chart. Jupiter in Pisces is a positive placement. Jupiter in Pisces is an extremely lucky sign, and when this planet is in this sign, you are likely to experience an abundance of good fortune and come across many lucky breaks. Jupiter in Pisces is also extremely compassionate and family-oriented. This is a sign that loves to learn and expand its knowledge base and is drawn to spirituality and the occult. Jupiter in Pisces is an idealistic sign that loves to dream and fantasize. This is a sign that is easily swayed by peer pressure, is overly enthusiastic and suggestible, and has unrealistic expectations.

As the year 2022 rolls around, optimism abounds with the start of the new astrological year that brings the planet Jupiter in Pisces. This placement is a major celestial event that comes around once every twelve years, and it’s known as a time of expectedly massive luck and promising fortune. Not only does this year-long cycle bring possibilities of enhancing one’s world with new hope and enthusiasm, but it’s also widely considered to be a great time for spiritual connections and opportunities in life.

Jupiter in Pisces is seen as the ultimate cosmic luckmaker that can bring success to a multitude of areas of life. From career success to positive relationships, an abundance of positive possibilities are awaiting those who are paying attention. Even those who don’t know the technical workings of astrology can feel the influence of this auspicious cycle. Individuals during this time often feel an inexplicable awe and wonder at the world around them as their connection to the cosmos deepens and blossoms.

This Jupiter in Pisces alignment can open doors to bold initiatives, fostering generous amounts of courage and tenacity. People may feel inspired to take risks and trust in their own instincts. Creativity can also often be greatly amplified under this alignment, as Jupiter brings out the very best in us. Artists, writers, musicians and others who make their living off of creative pursuits could find success in abundance.

The most significant aspect of the Jupiter in Pisces alignment is said to be its magical power to bring good luck. Many cultures have traditionally pegged this time as a perfect opportunity for lucky charms, such as carrying a rabbit’s foot or throwing coins into a fountain; these symbols are thought to represent the potential for manifesting good fortune.

As we move closer to 2022 and the exciting possibility of Jupiter in Pisces, now is the time to prepare for what fate has in store. Feel the thrill of the season and embrace all the wondrous potential it can bring. After all, this alignment only comes around once every twelve years—grab that lucky rabbit’s foot, and get ready for the lucky year ahead!
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