A new Astrological guide to Eclipses – Harness their power to positively change your life.

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Eclipses are among the most amazing phenomena in the natural world. They aren’t just special because of their momentousness, but also because they are so surprising. Who would have thought that a cosmic event could be so strange and beautiful? We rarely take notice of eclipses unless we subscribe to some kind of astrological belief system. If you’re interested in astrology, or if you believe it may be useful to you as a potential career option, then there are certain things you should know about eclipses in astrology.

What Is An Eclipse?

Eclipses occur when one celestial body moves in between the Earth and the Sun. There are two types of eclipses: solar and lunar. Solar eclipses are when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and lunar eclipses happen when Earth is passing between the Sun and the Moon. An eclipse can be seen from Earth only if the Moon is at a particular phase and in a particular place in its orbit.

How Are Eclipses Different In Astrology?

Eclipses in astrology are often associated with the end of a cycle, such as a relationship or a phase of life. They are used to signify the end of something, a major change in life, or a time of great transformation. While eclipses come around every year, they don’t have the same impact on everyone. They are symbols of endings, but they signify endings that are distinct to individuals. Because every eclipse is different, astrological eclipses aren’t concretely predictable like astronomical eclipses are. Eclipses in astrology are also thought to be more significant than some other astrological phenomena because they are much more rare.

Eclipses In Astrology: Symbolic Meaning

Because eclipses are linked to symbolism, their symbolic meaning varies in different astrological traditions. In Western astrology, eclipses are linked to emotions and change. They are said to represent a shift in your emotions and attitudes or a change in your life as a whole. Eclipses may also be linked to changes in your relationships, career, or finances. In Vedic astrology, eclipses are linked to career, wealth, and power. They are said to indicate a time when you should be cautious about sharing your plans, as they can come to fruition at this time. In Chinese astrology, eclipses are linked to the moon and are said to have lunar and feminine energy. They are connected to emotions, intuition, and the subconscious. In Tibetan astrology, eclipses are linked to the sun and have a solar and masculine energy. They are connected to the conscious mind.

The timeline report is spookily accurate. Its first date’s events unfolded as described. Well written in detail, with a positive spin. I look forward to walking through the year with this as my companion. It’s great to know sometimes things happen because that’s the way the stars are shaping the energy of my life that day.

– Catherine

When Will The Next Eclipse Occur?

Type of EclipseDateLocation
Partial SOLAR Eclipse 2022 October 25 2 Scorpio 00
Total LUNAR Eclipse 2022 November 816 Taurus 01
Total SOLAR Eclipse2023 April 2029 Aries 50
Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2023 May 514 Scorpio 58
Annual SOLAR Eclipse2023 October 14 21 Libra 08
Partial LUNAR Eclipse 2023 October 285 Taurus 09
Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 2024 March 25 5 Libra 07
Total SOLAR Eclipse 2024 April 8 19 Aries 24
Partial LUNAR Eclipse 2024 September 17 25 Pisces 41
Annular SOLAR Eclipse 2024 October 2 10 Libra 04
Upcoming Eclipses

How Will Eclipses Impact You Personally?

Astrological HouseThe area that will be most affected
FirstEclipses here will affect the you you present to the world, your body, and how you look.
SecondThis is the house of money kids,
ThirdThis is communications, short-distance travel, siblings
FourthYour physical home, your dad (usually), all things stable and comforting in your life.
FifthParty party party, exercise
Sixthwork, co-workers, health, diet, plastic surgery, work conditions
SeventhYour spouse, partner(s), significant relationships life in this house
Eighththis house is all about transformation, wills, legal affairs, lawyers, and death
Ninthlong distant travel, higher education, your spirituality lives in the house
Tenthyour career, your mom, and all of the messed up things you’re seeing a therapist or astrologer for.
EleventhYour social life, friends, the causes that are important to you, philanthropy
Twelfthall of your deep dark secrets, the hidden things in your life, your trauma.
House Meanings

Eclipses are linked astrologically to change, emotions, and endings. When an eclipse happens where it falls in your natal chart, which house, will determine the area of life that will be most deeply impacted and how. it may signify a time of major change in your personal life. It may be the end of a relationship, job, or phase in your life. Because eclipses are connected to change, they can be extremely difficult to deal with. While they are expected to be challenging, they can also be extremely beneficial if handled the right way. Let’s review the astrological house meanings again to get an idea of what area the eclipse is going to affect most strongly. In order to really understand how a specific eclipse is going to affect you the whole birthchart needs to be considered. You would be wise when booking your annual Astrological session with your Astrologer to be sure an include questions about any upcoming eclipses that will be touching sensitive points in your birthchart.

Final Words

The most important thing to remember about eclipses is that they signify endings and change. They are thought to be challenging, but they can also be extremely beneficial if handled the right way. Eclipses are special because they are so surprising. Who would have thought that a cosmic event could be so strange and beautiful?

Total Solar Eclipse – July 2, 2019 by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

In an effort to better utilize the power of eclipses, a new astrological guide has been created to help individuals harness the power of eclipses for positive change.

During a cosmic event like an eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon briefly align, causing the Sun to be blocked from view on Earth. Since ancient times, people have viewed eclipses as moments of powerful transformation, and, over the centuries, astrologers have developed several ways to use eclipses to predict changes in an individual’s life.

The new astrological guide, titled “Harness the Power of Eclipses,” offers a comprehensive overview of eclipses and explains how to use eclipses to bring about positive shifts in life. The guide explains that an eclipse can bring with it a period of reflection and change and can provide a powerful reset for the conscious and unconscious mind.

The guide explains how to use the natural energy of eclipses to deepen self-awareness and to find directions for personal growth. It also provides an astrological chart to use as a guide for interpreting an individual’s eclipse patterns.

Finally, the guide provides tips for best taking advantage of the energy of an eclipse. It suggests that individuals should take time during an eclipse to pause and reflect, and to recognize the possibilities that are available to shift and evolve their lifestyle.

The guide is designed for any individual who is looking to bring about positive change in their life. It offers insight and direction for how to move forward during an eclipse, allowing the individual to use the energy of the eclipse to create meaningful change in their life and gain a greater understanding of themselves.

Ultimately, harnessing the power of eclipses for positive change can have a profound effect on an individual’s life. The “Harness the Power of Eclipses” guide provides a helpful and insightful roadmap for how to make the most of this powerful cosmic event.
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