A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Astrological Houses

1stSelf, personality, your outlook on life as well as outward behavior, your “persona” mask, appearance, individuality
2ndPossesions, values, financial security, how you make money, resources
3rdYour conscious mind, short journeys, early education, siblings, neighbors, short-distance travel
4throots, home, traditions, places of residence, and conditions in early life and late life.
5thcreativity, personal self-expression, pleasure, vacations (not travel), hobbies, games of chance, talent, and need for affection.
6thwork, employment, co-workers, working conditions, health, diet, body, hygiene
7threlationships, spouse(s), marriage, open enemies, close associates, peers, agents
8thtransformation, death (of all sorts), your money mixed with others, insurance, investments inheritance
9thlong journeys, higher education, religion/spirituality, values and morals, in-laws, media, internet, publishing.
10thyour public standing, reputation, status, worldly attainment, career, authority, boss, guardian
11thgoals, ideals, friendships, acquaintances, money from career, business contacts
12thspirituality, subconscious, sleep hidden things, limitations, fears, hidden enemies, house of self-undoing.

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