AstroWeather April 4 – April 10, 2021

Happy Easter to everybody. Here is this week’s AstroWeather forecast for April 4 – April 10, 2021. We are starting this week with Moon and Capricorn, so pay attention to the foundations of life. It’s a great time to repair, restructure, and attend to any financial matters, don’t overdo it.
We also start with a third-quarter moon. Third-quarter moons are an excellent time to wind projects down reassess. It is essential to cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s on the plans you started back during The new moon.

Several exciting planetary aspects are happening this week. The general theme is around issues involving healing relationships, restructuring, and making plans.

Third Quarter Moon at 14°Cp51′

I Love how Lady Luna describes Third Quarter moons on her website. I would add that they are a good time to wrap up projects that you began at the last New Moon. This 3rd quarter falls in Capricorn so inherently it’s about creating structure and form. Whichever house this falls in your chart will determine the area where you should focus on creating the structure and form.

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Moon in Aquarius

Date & Time: Apr 5 2021 6:03 am
Moon enters Aquarius

Hobbies, clubs, and groups may demand attention now. It is time to build networks and co-operate. Humanitarian pursuits are highlighted

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

Moon entered thoughtful Aquarius yesterday morning. There are a number of aspects to pay attention to today. Venus sextiles Mars, also early morning. This is an easy aspect lending to the discovery of a new passion. It could be either a person or a new vocation, pay attention to what brings you joy today. At the same time, Jupiter is in a semi-square with the wounded healer Chiron. Painful or joyous this aspect brings about a healing moment in your life. Sometimes healing comes after digging through some painful thoughts. Really pay attention to your dreams, meditations, and the people you encounter today and tomorrow.

Date & Time: Apr 7, 2021, 3:03 am Astroweather Event: Moon goes void of course

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

Moon in Pisces

Date & Time: Apr 7 2021  1:30 pm

Moon enters Pisces

Slow down and rest. Pay attention to the subtle areas of your life – creativity, philanthropy, spirituality, and artistry. Trust your intuition.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Date & Time: Apr 9, 2021, 4:47 pm Astroweather Event: Moon goes void of course

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Moon in Aries

Date & Time: Apr 9 2021  11:11 pm

Moon enters Aries

Time to begin new projects. Exercise patience and selflessness where possible. Look out for new opportunities.

Lady Luna is passing through fired-up Aries, stirring a desire to “Just Do IT!”. Mercury, ruler of communications is having a one on one with the Wounded healer, Chiron. This should stir up memories of past grudges and hurt feelings.

It is a great time to forgive and forget past hurts, release, and let go. Watch yourself though, Mercury (communications again) is also in a semisquare (mildly challenging) aspect (angle) with expansive Jupiter. Don’t over-extend yourself emotionally or with your commitments. You may think you can take on more than you really can. Mars, the ruler Aries, that lady luna is traveling through is in a square (friction, difficult blending) aspect with nebulous (non-commital) Neptune. To avoid overcommitting yourself it would good to take some quiet time, use that third-quarter moon energy to make sure you are crossing those T’s and dotting those I’s, especially where your health and wellbeing are concerned. In the end, have faith that all will be well.

As you can tell I’ve been playing with different formats for the #astroweather report. I’d love feedback on what you like and would like to see changed. This column is about making Astrology practical and useful for you. I get the benefit of connecting with you and my creative writing side. Until next week.


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