Feb 02_21-28

Astrological weather for February 21st -28th

Astrologically the last week of February begins with the transiting moon returning to her home in Cancer leading to an emphasis on home, family, and nurturing activity.  The most significant event this week is Venus transiting into the ever-sensitive Pisces. Venus will sit here

Feb 21 2021  7:52 pm Event: Transiting Moon enters Cancer

transiting moon in cancer

Concentrate on home and family now. Undertake activities that nurture yourself and your loved ones.

Feb 23 2021  8:52 pm Event: Moon goes void, of course

Think of the void of course moon or V/C for short as when the moon is taking a time out from dancing with the other planets.  It is a great time for you too as well.

Feb 24 2021  4:22 am Event: Transiting Moon enters Leo

transiting moon in leo

Time to lighten up and have some fun. Be creative and childlike. Enjoy life and save the chores for another day.

Feb 24, 2021, 5:51 pm Transiting Mars Trine Transiting Pluto

You have energy fit to burst. Direct this into positive pursuits. Do not push others. It’s a great time to strategize. Actions now will have results.

timeline report

Feb 25 2021  1:13 pm

Life is exciting. You are keen to make changes and find inventive ways to implement new habits.

Feb 25 2021  5:11 am Transiting Venus Entering Pisces

transiting venus in Pisces

It is time to be at-one with the universe. Enjoy sharing inspirational activities with your partner. You will see a softening in the way people treat each other. This is one of the most compassionate positions for Pisces. There will be some form of healing in the area of life (the house) that this transit falls in.

Feb 25 2021  1:16 pm Transiting Jupiter Trine Transiting North Node

Destiny brings good fortune right now. Glad tidings come in the form of a person or an event. The Angels are watching over you.

Feb 26 2021  9:07 am Event: Transiting Moon enters Virgo

astrological weather,

Time for chores. Tidy up and get organized. Schedule that health checkup. Start that gym routine. Attend to details.

Feb 26 2021  3:30 am Event: Moon goes void, of course

Feb 27 2021  0:17 am Event: Full Moon at 8°Vi57′

Feb 28 2021  11:16 am Event: Moon enters Libra

Seek peace and harmony. Focus on your marriage or pursuit of a potential partner. Socialize. Enjoy artistic pursuits.

Feb 28 2021  7:56 am Moon goes void, of course

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