10 Books every Astrologer should have

I’ve been studying Astrology now for over 50 years, I started when I was 7 years old and had a series of very intense dreams all of which lead to my discovery of Astrology.  My first book was Julia and Derrick Parkers – The Complete Astrologer.  I still have that book all these years later, a bit tattered and worn.

As you can imagine I’ve read quite a few astrology books.  What you have here are a few of my favorites.  Some of these books are difficult to find.  The knowledge and vision of astrology they contain are worth the read no matter what your level of astrological understanding is.


Rob Hands Planets in Transit

If ever there was a classic that every astrologer I’ve ever known already has a copy of.  At first, it’s almost overwhelming the amount of analysis he provides for each of the planets not only through the twelve houses but in each sign as well as all of the classic aspects to each other. 

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The Only Way to Learn Astrology Vol 1.

There certainly are a lot of ways to learn Astrology.  If you’re going to go the book learning route then Marion March and Joan McEvers are one of the best.  Years ago when I was living back East in the Berkshires and longing to move West out to California, I was teaching astrology on this new thing called the Internet. 

It wasn’t really even the Internet at the time it was Comp-u-Serv and Quantum link, which later became America Online.  Back then you had to pay for your connection to the Service by the min as well as the telephone charges which were also by the minute.  I had some pretty large bills back then.  One of the other astrology teachers lived out here in California.  Her name was Karen, we became good friends. 

Marion March and Joan used to have a group of astrologers get together at one of their homes in Encino, they would present everyone with a birth chart.  The groups’ job was to interpret the chart and determine who the chart belonged to..  Karen shared with me how much fun this was. 

I think back fondly on this story.  Boy, I sure would have loved to be a part of that group. 

This is the first in the series “The Only Way to Learn Astrology”  there are six volumes total covering everything from the basics to calculating the chart, to transits progressions solar arcs, as well as the finer points of interpretation and last but not least Horary astrology. I highly recommend all of them.

The Inner Sky

Steven Forrest brings a really humanistic and unique way of interpreting a birth chart.  Steven Forrest’s approach is both positive and uplifting, it celebrates human diversity, in the style of Evolutionary Astrology that Steven Forrest has become known for.

There are two other accompanying books, on transits and relationships. All three are highly recommended for both the seasoned Astrologer and the novice as well.

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solar arc report

Astrological Insights into Personality

This was one of my early astrology books.  Betty has an amazing way of blending the more traditional old-school Astrology with modern insights into the human personality.  I’ve always associate her keen insights with the Astrology I grew up in New York City in the mid-’70s, straightforward, to the point and smidge of Freudian psychology dominates all of the books by Betty Lundsted.  She deeply influenced the way I interpreted birth charts. 


Astrological Aspects 

One of the newest influences with uncanny insights is the amazing British Astrologer Sue Tompkins.  I originally found this book quite by accident. It was while hanging out, browsing books in the used section of my beloved Bodhi Tree bookstore in West Hollywood. I was perusing through it and found myself an hour later on a chair essentially reading the entire book.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough as well as her The Contemporary Astrologers Handbook. 

The Twelve Houses 

In The Twelve Houses, acclaimed astrologer Howard Sasportas explores in detail the experiences and situations associated with each of the houses.  He describes not only the houses’ associations but also the more subtle meanings of each of the different areas of life the houses represent.

A trail-blazing book and a favorite among students and professionals alike.

The Astrology of self-discovery

This Tracy Marks book highlights her ability to combine astrology, depth psychology, and spiritual teachings into a beautifully woven package. Marks helps the reader make contact with the planets as internal archetypes providing keen insight and perspective for self-empowerment.

Ms. Marks has helpful advice on preparing and handling outer planet transits, especially Neptune and Pluto, which she covers in-depth. She also addresses the healing of the “inner child” as expressed by the Moon, and the lunar nodes.


Secrets from a Stargazers Notebook   

By far one of the funniest, most educational astrology books I’ve ever read.  I still practice the red/lights green/lights technique.  Her wit, humor, and a little bit on the naughty side are like Linda Goodman’s Sun signs before her, spot-on in her descriptions of the planets in the signs.  This book is NOT your mothers’ Astrology!!

Choice Centered Astrology

A practical approach that provides basics for understanding astrological charts. Gives you insight into how to fully utilize astrology to make the most of your life.  Choice-centered interpretations of aspects, houses, planets, and signs. are the obvious strength. 

I believe as Astrologers presenting information in the most positive affirming light lifts up our clients to make good choices for themselves.  Whether you are a novice, knowledgeable student, or professional this book will help you communicate more effectively with your clients.

Mahabote – The Little Key

I learned how to cast the Burmese Chart directly from Barba Cameron back in the Berkshires.  I was 20 and going to a private boys’ school.  She has sadly passed but the Little Key remains.  Its’ fairly easy to cast a Burmese chart and its supplements and adds to the knowledge contained in a traditional Western Chart.

This book is very very hard to find. I list it here mostly because It was very important to my education and development as an Astrologer.   

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