What does Jupiter direct have in store for your sign?

Jupiter has been retrograde until today, September 14th. Whenever Astrologers say a planet is retrograde, it means that it’s a time to examine what is symbolized by that planet’s energy in the area (or as astrologers say, house) that that particular planet is located in either your birth chart or the 0 Aries wheel.  A retrograde planet is saying slow down in this area of your life, take a look in the mirror and see those things you may want to change.  This article will examine the areas likely to be affected by Jupiter going direct based on either your sun sign or your ascendant sign (if you know it).  If you don’t know, you can calculate it over on my website http://ken-saunders.com or if you’d prefer to shoot me an email with your date of birth/time of birth/place of birth.  

First, we’ll examine each sign and what Jupiter direct means, as well as the area of your life likely to experience an expansion of energy, a blossoming, or growth spurt.  


With Jupiter now moving through your career house the remainder of this year, the spotlight will be on your job. You can expect a spotlight to shine of the work (good or bad) you’ve done in the past year.  Promotions, change of job, and even venturing into an entirely new career are expected. 


Jupiter is moving through the house that governs philosophy, travel, higher education, and learning.  Your growth path the rest of this year revolves around finding where you fit in the grander scheme of things, answering big “God” type questions. You may find yourself getting bit by the travel bug in pursuit of answering long-standing questions or simply to get away, once its safe to travel, of course.  Returning to school, even taking up a new language, are all possibilities for you the rest of this year. 


Jupiter is traveling through your 8th house, which has rulership over other people’s money, including inheritances and investments.  The eighth house is also the house of sex and death (transformation). You’re going to feel a tremendous desire for growth and expansion, partnering up with other people (and their resources) dealing with issues around loans, taxes are also indicated.  One of the other attributes associated with this house is dealing with deeper, more profound emotions. Creating a truly deep sense of security for yourself will likely drive a lot of your self-growth for the remainder of this year.  Dealing with COVID and understanding of loss it brought to your life are also highlighted.  

Jupiter in the 8th house can sometimes indicate that you’ll receive an inheritance or windfall, but it’s wise not to expect it.


Jupiter will continue to travel through the house of relationships/marriage/close partnerships, bringing opportunities to strengthen, deepen, and enhance an already strong relationship.  However, if during the Jupiter retrograde you found your existing relationship lacking, you will find ways to either correct what your learned, possibly through couples therapy, or the relationship will likely transform in the coming 6-8 months.  Either way, Cancer, you are in for some ups and downs emotionally.  


Jupiter brings a lot of growth and energy to whichever house he is traveling through. In your case, Leo, you’re going to find yourself with a lot more on your work plate.  Work may feel completely draining, so you may also find yourself eating or drinking your emotions, so guard yourself against overindulgence.  Now would be a great time to hire a personal trainer, start going to yoga classes, or begin practicing mindfulness meditation daily. You’ll find yourself in a much better position next year when Jupiter finally moves out of your sixth house.  


Don’t laugh if I tell you your new favorite place is going to be Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the rest of the year.  You already have a secret desire that you were, Martha Stewart.  The rest of this year into the next will be drawing your focus towards making your home life cozy, beautiful, and functional. You may find yourself selling and buying a larger place. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Jupiter makes BIG as I like to say.  


There’s going to be a lot more local travel, communication, engaging more in making your local neighborhood what you want it to be.  If you write, now through late Winter 2021 is a great time to ply your craft.  You will also find yourself more engaged with siblings, cousins if you have them.  It is a great time to expand your awareness of all things local.   


Its said that if Jupiter is passing through the second house, you’ll get rich.  What that really means is that whatever resources you need will come a little bit easier for you this year.  Whatever you find yourself focusing on, you will find the resources needed to make it happen.


Jupiter, your sign’s ruler, is transiting your first house, which brings a natural desire for self-knowledge and growth.  This is an ideal time to explore you are, as well as how you improve your life. Jupiter going through the first will increase your self-confidence as well as your ability to get things done.  Go for the brass ring with this transit.


Jupiter direct transiting your twelve houses of all things subconscious, hidden fears, and unresolved issues bring a lot of opportunity in the way of healing from deep scars you’ve accumulated for the last few years.  You may find yourself meeting people out of your past you thought were long gone, family members who you had unresolved issues with or circumstances long since buried will make a way to the surface during this transit. This is your opportunity to inspire others. 


You are going to want to get out there and party. Meeting and mingle.  You may benefit from your friends now, or become involved in more group activities. You’ll want to connect with people of all stripes, more so than usual.  This Jupiter transit provides you with the opportunity to not only expand your horizons but make lots of new friends, just don’t burn the candle on both ends and be sure to keep up with your existing commitments.

The remaining Jupiter transits for 2020

Now that we’ve made through the signs.  Here are the remaining Jupiter aspects happening between now and the end of the year. They provide a general insight into the type of energy the planetary combination.  Think of it like a recipe this plus this equals this.  If I were doing your personal chart we’d be able to place the transit in the specific house in your chart it falls which would tell us which area of your life this combined energy would effect.  

October 19th

Transiting Jupiter Sextile Radix Neptune

Creative arts, meditation, music, art, dance, photography, spiritual groups, travel, and communing with nature offer moments of peace and tranquility. You feel creative and intuitive. Therefore, it is an excellent time to make the most of your opportunities and explore your nature’s more artistic and spiritual side.

November 9th

Transiting Jupiter Trine Radix Sun

Life is usually abundant during this transit. You are happy and confident in achieving your goals in life, impressing those around you with your enthusiastic approach to life and benevolence towards others. You may have the chance to shine in your life because of your optimism and self-confidence, which others notice. It is vital that you make the most of the opportunities presented during this time, and not let them slip through your fingers.

November 10th

Transiting Jupiter Conjunction Radix Pluto

This transit gives you a massive Ommph towards reaching your goals.  You’re going to feel as if nothing can stop you, Think expansive energy (Jupiter) meets Pluto’s raw single-minded Power. You are going to feel powerful and will likely meet influential people. It is essential to use your energy positively. Remember that this can be overwhelming to others so use this energy wisely.  this transit’s strengths can assist you in discovering things about yourself that you never knew existed.

November 22nd

Transiting Jupiter Quincunx Radix North Node

It is time to reassess your associations with individuals and groups to move on with your life’s purpose. You may also need to adjust your expectations, letting go of old goals or objectives. It is time to seek new experiences, particularly those which can add to your knowledge. Of course, letting go of old friends and alliances is never easy.  This is not a simple task but remember that as one door shuts, another opens.

November 25th

Transiting Jupiter Square Radix Midheaven

You now feel the urge to get ahead in life, particularly in the areas of work and social status. The path to professional success may not be smooth, however, as you may go over the top in your efforts to climb the social or professional ladder. You may feel like you are having difficulty juggling home and work commitments.

November 27th

Transiting Jupiter Conjunction Radix Saturn

This can be a beneficial transit during which you feel an increased joy in your responsibilities. You now think that you can achieve a sensible balance in your life, reaping benefits from past hard work and planting seeds for the future. This may take many forms, including career promotion, others recognizing your work, and opportunities to study or travel. In some cases, you may feel the urge to change your current lifestyle to accommodate your need for expansion. The only hitch to this transit can be that you may lack tolerance for anyone who stands in your way as you seek to expand your horizons. If this is the case, enlist the help of others rather than tempting them to work against you.

December 9th

Transiting Jupiter Square Radix Mars

You are learning first hand that there is a difference between assertiveness and aggression. The trouble is that you have an overwhelming need to push ahead with all your projects now. Patience seems to desert you. You don’t mean to be so forceful. It is simply that you feel such a sense of urgency. Although easier said than done, it would be better if you could slow down and keep things in perspective. Avoid taking risks.

and I couldn’t leave this article without mentioning one of the first Jupiter aspects in the New Year on January 22nd.  With all of the challenges 2020 have presented everyone worldwide, This healing aspect between expansive Jupiter and the wounded healer Chiron portends a hopeful healing for our nation and the world.  

Transiting Jupiter Sextile Radix Chiron

Now is the time to make the most of any opportunities to lay to rest painful memories, which have haunted you in times gone by, and move into areas linked straight to your heart. Learning opportunities will present themselves, and you may discover talents that you never knew existed. An influential teacher or healer may enter your life, or you could take a study course or travel.  Suppose this transit is happening later in your life after your first Saturn return (29-32). In that case, you also may have the chance to express your teaching and healing talents, finding an appropriate avenue of expression for wisdom gained from past experience.

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