The Full Moon In Pisces On September 2 brings emotion and oppurtunities

We have a full moon in Pisces on September 2, 2020.  This Full Moon in Pisces encourages us to get more in touch with our emotions.

The full moon is when the Sun and the moon are in opposite zodiac signs. The September full moon is when the moon is in the sign of Pisces and the Sun in Virgo’s sign. Astrologically the moon governs your feelings, and emotions. The Sun, on the other hand, shows reflects your identity, ego, and how you express your sense of self.  The house that the full moon falls in each month will determine the challenges and opportunities to balance who you are with how you express yourself.

To find out which area of your life will be impacted and how this full moon will affect you? Read both your Rising and your Sun sign to get a better picture.  If you don’t know your Rising sign. Email me, and I’d be happy to help you figure it out.


This full moon is falling your 12th house, so issues around habits, emotional issues you haven’t quite finished dealing with, or even traumas are likely to come up this month.  It’s a really good idea to pay closer attention to your dreams this month and what they are trying to say to you.  You might just find a resolution to a long-standing problem. Asking for you to release any addictions, habits, or lingering traumas that have been standing in the way of your success. 


This full moon falls into your 11th house, the house of all things social.  Has the pandemic put a cramp on your social life? Of course, it has.  You’re going to really be feeling it this month.  Find new ways this month to put on your dancing shoes and get out there.  Charitable causes are also ruled by the 11th house, so you may find volunteering for a cause is just the ticket for that very big Ferdinand like heart of yours.  Full moons often reveal something unexpectedly, so try to maintain your patience.  Give yourself some space to evaluate what the Universe is trying to tell you.


This month is going to be about balancing your work goals, with the other areas of your life. You may find yourself burning the candle on both ends.  It’s a great time to set goals for your work and your personal life that are realistic and stick with them.  If you do, you’ll find yourself accomplishing much more than you thought possible.


full moons always provide an opportunity for us, and for you, dear Cancer. Usually, I would say this is related to school, travel, or a legal situation.   You may find yourself investing a lot of emotional energy this month working your beliefs, an unresolved problem with school, or travel even.  Either way, keep yourself open to an answer, and you’ll find yourself with a clearer sense of direction by the end of the month.


A full moon is falling in your eighth house this month, so you may find yourself making a long put off a decision regarding property or another financial matter.  Don’t allow your emotions to make decisions for you this month. Let them inform you about what’s best for you and yours.  


Your spouse, a partner lover, is going to play prominently this month.  You may be in for an unexpected surprise, particularly since Uranus is adding its secret mojo to the mix this month. Either way, it is a great month to focus your attention on deepening the bonds that make your day to day flow.


Dear Libra, daily routine, fitness, and habits are going to be your focus this September.  It’s the perfect time to work on any bad habits you’ve wanted to let go of.  It is a great month to start forming new, better habits and routines to enhance your longer-term goals.  Your motto this month is Just Do It.


With this full moon falling your house of creativity, romance, and fun, your month is likely to focus on finding new creative outlets, a little more wining and dining, and good old fashion romance.  It’s the perfect month towards reconnecting with those things you are passionate about hobbies, painting, whatever ways you can release your inner creative romantic side are worth exploring this month. Who knows, you may find that dud turns into a stud?!!


Sagittarius, This full moon falls in the 4th house, which rules your home life, your mother, and all things domestic.  That being said, this month’s full moon will have a significant impact on your home life.  You may find yourself moving into a new place, getting a new roommate, or tackling a new renovation project that’s been put off a little too long. That planet of the unexpected, Uranus, will have a surprise for you at some point this month. Just try to remember to go with the flow because everything is for your best outcome.


You are going to be focused on learning new skills this month. Finding more effective ways of communicating as well as dealing with technology in new ways.  Be patient. It may feel like you have a fire hose of information aimed straight at your face, you do, but it will be ok.  You’ve got this your sign is the mountain goat after all, and balancing on sharp jagged precipes is literally built into our very nature. Your challenge is to learn to find balance and boundaries with everything coming at you this month.  


This full moon is highlighting your second house, which rules all things financial.  So the challenge this month will be to deal with money issues you may have been avoiding.  Remember Uranus, likes to throw us surprises this month, so it is a good idea to get ready to meet your financial challenges straight on.  Money is inherently emotional. So try to not let yourself get caught up in dealing with whatever may come up this month.  You may find unexpected help with an assist from Uranus’ energy.  


Pisces, this full moon is all about projects you started last year coming to fruition.  Watch your emotions so you don’t lose sight of what’s important.  Trust your instincts, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself and the things in your life right now that are most important. Take some time to meditate and plan out your coming year.  This would be an excellent month to create a new vision board for the upcoming year. 

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